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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Resolutions Recap

I thought it would be good to review and analyze how I did with last year's resolutions.  Some of my goals were easy to remember and work on, some were not.  Here's a recap of my 2011 resolutions:

1.  Make a positive impact on someone's life each day.
2.  Take a cooking class
3.  Learn to better control my reactions and not allow the actions of others to dictate how I react and how I feel
4.  Be a more patient and considerate driver.
5.  Run in a 10K and then a Half Marathon.
6.  Take time each week to write down the highlights.

 For #1 - making a positive impact each day - I had a good start, beginning each day with a prayer and conscious decision to do this but as the days passed, the demands of life gradually took the front seat and pushed this farther back in my thoughts.  I definitely made progress in making a conscious choice to stay positive so I feel this goal was met (I wouldn't say finished because this goal will be a continual work in progress throughout my life.

For #2 - taking a cooking class - I completely missed this one.  I'm going to do it this year though, really!  I failed to make the time to find a local class to register for.  Cooking/Baking is something I really enjoy (not a surprise to anyone who's browsed my blog) so this year I'll find a class and make the time to go.

For #3 - better control of my reactions - again this one will be a continual work in progress but having made the decision to not let the actions of others dictate how I react and feel made a BIG difference.  Deciding ahead of time that I'm in control of how I feel and how I'll react helped me to pause in those difficult moments, think things through and decide how I wanted to respond.  Definitely a success.

For #4 - being a more patient and considerate driver - I've made big gains in this area.  All I have to do is imagine that a driver who makes me frustrated is a friend or family member or that they're in the middle of their own crisis and I instantly feel more patient with them.  This works most of the time and has helped me be a more patient and considerate driver - success for this goal.

For #5 - run in a 10K and then a Half Marathon - well, I kind of skipped the 10K and went straight for the Half Marathon.  Not only did I finish it, but I didn't do half bad and have already registered to run in two Half Marathons this year.  I'm going to have a lot of fun runs this year.

For #6 - writing down the highlights of each week - I started out okay with this and then completely dropped the ball.  This is one I wish I hadn't failed on and I'm recommitting to do better this year.  I don't want to forget all the special moments that happen throughout the year and obviously the best way to remember them is to write them down.  I think I'll post a reminder note on my mirror.

I'll be thinking about this years goals and posting them during the next week.

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