Winston Churchill

Monday, May 31, 2010

Farewell May

May has brought us lots of rain and cool weather this year.  I'm grateful for the rain and the beautiful flowers we've been able to enjoy.  It's been a good month (except for the cold) and now I'm looking forward to what June will bring - warm weather, sunshine, boating trips, Summertime!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weight Loss - The Ongoing Battle!

My weight has yo-yo'd up and down since having Winston.  It's been an ongoing source of frustration for me.  The facts are that I'm older so it's harder to lose weight than it was 10 years ago and my free time has been next to non-existent since Winston was born.  I made progress last year when I did the HCG diet but since I didn't have time to work out regularly, I put back on most of the weight I had lost within 9 months.  Winston has reached a point where he can start helping and doing things for himself and I finally have time to exercise on a regular basis.  In January I again began the task of losing those dreaded excess pounds and getting back in shape (New Years resolution of course).  Anyway, through a lot of hard work, diet and exercise, I've been able to drop just over 20 pounds!  I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel.  Today at the gym (I have a membership at a small gym by our home), I had an experience that drove home to me how far I've really come.  While I was lifting weights, the gym manager/owner came up to me and asked if I would be willing to be in a commercial they were filming for their website.  I was hesitant to do it but agreed when he said they were filming several people.  I thought he meant they would be filming everyone who was there working out but when it came time to film, it was just me they were filming.  He explained that they were compiling clips of some of their members to show case the gym on their website.  They had me do several different weight lifting activities and even though I was kind of embarrassed, it was great to receive recognition that I'm finally looking fit again.   Of course, I still have some problem areas that need work, but I'm in a good place in my life right now.  I've waited four years to be able to get back in shape and it feels great to finally be headed in the right direction - not to mention how great it is to finally be able to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday - the second one since his passing.  The grief and pain I experienced at his sudden death has subsided but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my Dad and miss him.  The good thing is that with the pain mostly gone, I can now remember the good times and smile.  I can think about all the good memories I have of my Dad and not feel overwhelmed with sadness.  He was a wonderful father and even though I can't ask for his advice about the current happenings in my life, I have his words in my mind and in my heart - he'll always be with me.  If I could, I would thank him for the legacy he's left - his teachings and example still influence my life and probably always will

I thought it would be fitting to post the last family portrait taken of all of us before my parents left on their mission showing my parents posterity.  Our family is now too big to fit everyone in the frame.  This picture was taken in 2000 and there have been a few additions since then - several grand children and great grand children.  At the time, Brad was the only one missing from this picture - stuck in a traffic jam coming home from work and the photographer couldn't wait.  Happy Birthday Dad.  Your legacy lives on through us and you will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Proud

I took Winston to get his hair cut last weekend.  He loves getting his hair cut and was so proud of his new do that I just had to take his picture so I could show off how handsome he looks. 
 Here are some more pics I took this morning.
He's such a cutie!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I'm Excited for SUMMER!

I'm trying to not think about the fact that we had 4 inches of snow this morning so I thought I'd focus on the top ten things I love about summer.

Here are some of my favorite Summer time activities - not really in any particular order. Depending on the day and my mood, the order changes all the time. :)
  1. Trips to Lake Powell - always the best!
  2. Sunshine and heat - I love to be out in the sun.
  3. Boating - I can't wait to water ski for as long as I can go.
  4. Early morning jogs before the sun comes up - so peaceful.
  5. Bar-b-ques - the real kind. I love that Brad loves to smoke meat. YUMM!
  6. Having a tan and feeling the summer sun on my skin. Ahhh.
  7. Summer flowers in the yard - call me crazy but I really enjoy working in our yard.
  8. Outings at the park - for picnics, playing tennis, playing baseball, family gatherings and fireworks to name a few.
  9. Summer Concerts. I love a good outdoor concert on a summer evening.
  10. Evening walks with Brad and Winston through the neighborhood - it's great to reconnect with our neighbors after being cooped up all winter.
Feel free to share some of your favorites.  :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cool Cars

For Bo's last P-Day, he and his companion went to a car museum.  Bo loves cars - you could even call him a car fanatic - so as you can imagine he was in heaven.  He sent these pictures home to share with us - a few of his favorites.
These are called Gull Wing Mercedes and are some of the rarest cars in the world.  They're worth upwards of around five hundred thousand dollars apiece.  Wow!
An old Rolls Royce that Bo really liked.  What a beautiful car.
 Bo said this is the kind of car that Hitler rode around in. I'm not surprised he included this one.  Bo enjoys history (he gets that from his dad) and has been checking out all of the World War II sites he can find.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Year Later...

A year ago today was Winston's last surgery.  What more can I say except that it has made all the difference in his life.  His health has improved dramatically and his physical abilities are finally where they should be.  He can run and climb and jump and tumble like a regular 3 year old.  Before his surgery, he couldn't do any of those things.  Going into this last surgery, we weren't sure if it would be a success.  There was the possibility that Winston would end up with life long restrictions on his physical activities - all sports and activities with any kind of physical impact would have been off limits for him.  This would have been a hard thing for Winston.  He loves all sports and is as rough and tumble as boys come.

Before his surgery, my heart would break a little every time I thought about and wondered if he would be able to live a life without physical restrictions.  I want so much for him.  I want his life to be full of all the things that bring him happiness -  to be full of joy and fulfillment.  The success of his surgery is nothing short of a miracle.  He's had so many miracles in his short life - he is a miracle.  I would be remiss if I didn't express my deep gratitude for this wonderful little boy; for the joy he's brought to my life; for the inspiration he is to me - he never gives up even when the going is tough; for the prayers and blessings he's received to help him through those rough spots; for the doctors/nurses and their incredible abilities to fix the things wrong with his little body; for the love and support of our family and friends; for the quality of life he will now enjoy; for his life. Winston, you are my hero and I'll always be right here to support you and cheer you on. 
Here's a picture from the day after his surgery last year.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heidelberg Castle

Just a quick post today.  Bo sent this picture of the Heidelberg Castle and bridge with his email last week.  He said they're both famous over there but didn't say what they're famous for.  Bo always has been short on words when it comes to telling me about things.  :)  I guess I'll have to do some research on this to see what it's famous for.  Anyway, I thought it was a great picture and it shows how beautiful the area is where he's at right now. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lake Powell on My Mind

June is quickly approaching and so is our first trip to Lake Powell. Last year our trip to Lake Powell in June was cut short due to Winston's surgery and time constraints with Brad's job. We ended up giving our time slot to another family in our group. We joined them for a day and a night before heading back home. I never got around to posting my pics from that trip and thought now would be a good time to post some of my favorites.
Winston was so happy to arrive at the lake after the long drive. Just look at how happy he was to get the boat out on the water.
The next morning, Winston woke us up with the sunrise. He was fascinated with the view outside our window and sat there quietly looking out the window with his stuffed lion for well over 5 minutes.
Another angle to see how beautiful the morning view was outside our window.
Our friends had 4 teenage boys that wanted to go cliff jumping. We found this ledge and Brad headed up with them - Brad's on the left side of the group, right in the center of the picture. The boys were daring each other to go first but were all a little scared to jump. Who do you think went first? Brad of course. He hollered out something about whoever jumps last is a chicken and then jumped. Well the boys couldn't jump fast enough after him. None of them wanted to be last. It was pretty funny to watch from the boat. They all had a blast and we spent about an hour there while they kept climbing back up to jump again.Winston loved watching the boys jump. He really enjoyed hanging out with teenage boys again. I think they reminded him of Zack and Bo. Also, if I remember right, the splash you can see in the background was Brad.
The last picture before we headed home. Even though it was a very short trip, we had so much fun. Winston enjoyed trying to catch lizards, throwing rocks in the water, watching the boys fish (he used the blue noodle as his fishing pole), listening to one of the boys play the guitar (which he pronounced tootar), playing with trucks in the sand and splashing in the water. I'm really looking forward to this year's trips.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

OK, I admit that I'm borrowing this from my sister, but I was feeling a little nostalgic tonight and missing Zack and Bo. I started going through some of our old pictures and reminiscing. We've had some great times together over the years. I still think of them as my little boys - probably always will.
Spring break down at Zion National Park.

Zack when he was on the 9th grade football team.
The boys favorite jumping rock. We go back to this site every year - it just happens to be up our favorite canyon on Lake Powell.
Brad's a boy at heart and was always right there with the boys looking for the next rock to jump off of - good times full of fun and laughter.
Zack loves to water ski.
Bo loves to wake board. We'll have to wait and see what Winston likes.
This was our last trip together before Zack and Bo left. My three boys - oh how I do love them. Just looking at this picture tugs at my heart strings. Our time together is fleeting - gone before you know it. I've learned not to rush through things but instead to sit back and savor the experience while it lasts. Winston was so little when they left. They won't recognize him when they get home but that's OK. They'll have a blast getting reacquainted.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Winston has the best babysitter in the whole world. It's hard enough to have to leave him and go to work, but I do take comfort in knowing that he loves his babysitter and she loves him too. She has a little boy who's only 3 months older than Winston and they are the best of buddies. Winston's been going there since he was 6 months old so he's practically a member of their family too. Anyway, for Mother's Day she bought gifts for us moms and had the kids put together a present. Winston was so proud to give it to me. I just had to get a picture of his beaming face and the cute present he made for me.

By the way, inside were Kara Mint Chocolate Truffles (my favorite!) and an adorable necklace that I wore all day on Mother's Day - it has a chunky chain with several charms attached. Thanks Heidi! You rock!! :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy about a Cactus - who knew?

Winston has been on a Cars movie kick for the last 4 months or so. He always laughs at the part where Lighting McQueen crashes into the bushes and then the big cactus falls on him. He's become fascinated with cactus and the fact that they're prickly. Last Saturday, we were at Home Depot and Winston spotted a little cactus. He just had to have it so of course we bought it for him along with a little pot to put it in. Brad helped him pot it when we got home. Winston was just beaming and is so happy to have a cactus o f his own. He put it on his dresser in between his pictures of Zack and Bo - a very honored spot. Who knew a cactus could make a 3 year old so happy?

Check out that grin and those sparkling eyes. Too cute! :D

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our 23rd Anniversary

May 1 was our wedding anniversary - the 23rd to be exact. All I can say is WOW - where did all the time go? It really does go by too quickly. Brad took me up to the Homestead Resort in Midway for a weekend getaway. We used to go up there every year for our anniversary but we started going to other places and haven't been there for 10 years. We had a blast just hanging out together. After all these years together I'm still proud and happy to call him my best friend. My life has been so enriched by this wonderful man and I feel so blessed to have him as my husband, my partner and the father of my children. Our boys couldn't ask for a better daddy. The next 23 years are going to be an adventure and I already know that with Brad by my side, it's going to be great.