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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lake Powell on My Mind

June is quickly approaching and so is our first trip to Lake Powell. Last year our trip to Lake Powell in June was cut short due to Winston's surgery and time constraints with Brad's job. We ended up giving our time slot to another family in our group. We joined them for a day and a night before heading back home. I never got around to posting my pics from that trip and thought now would be a good time to post some of my favorites.
Winston was so happy to arrive at the lake after the long drive. Just look at how happy he was to get the boat out on the water.
The next morning, Winston woke us up with the sunrise. He was fascinated with the view outside our window and sat there quietly looking out the window with his stuffed lion for well over 5 minutes.
Another angle to see how beautiful the morning view was outside our window.
Our friends had 4 teenage boys that wanted to go cliff jumping. We found this ledge and Brad headed up with them - Brad's on the left side of the group, right in the center of the picture. The boys were daring each other to go first but were all a little scared to jump. Who do you think went first? Brad of course. He hollered out something about whoever jumps last is a chicken and then jumped. Well the boys couldn't jump fast enough after him. None of them wanted to be last. It was pretty funny to watch from the boat. They all had a blast and we spent about an hour there while they kept climbing back up to jump again.Winston loved watching the boys jump. He really enjoyed hanging out with teenage boys again. I think they reminded him of Zack and Bo. Also, if I remember right, the splash you can see in the background was Brad.
The last picture before we headed home. Even though it was a very short trip, we had so much fun. Winston enjoyed trying to catch lizards, throwing rocks in the water, watching the boys fish (he used the blue noodle as his fishing pole), listening to one of the boys play the guitar (which he pronounced tootar), playing with trucks in the sand and splashing in the water. I'm really looking forward to this year's trips.

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Lauri's Photography said...

Ok, just today I was looking at my Powell pics with Jack and just feeling so much gratitude about that trip with my little buddy. Thanks so much for inviting us.