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Friday, May 14, 2010

Flashback Friday

OK, I admit that I'm borrowing this from my sister, but I was feeling a little nostalgic tonight and missing Zack and Bo. I started going through some of our old pictures and reminiscing. We've had some great times together over the years. I still think of them as my little boys - probably always will.
Spring break down at Zion National Park.

Zack when he was on the 9th grade football team.
The boys favorite jumping rock. We go back to this site every year - it just happens to be up our favorite canyon on Lake Powell.
Brad's a boy at heart and was always right there with the boys looking for the next rock to jump off of - good times full of fun and laughter.
Zack loves to water ski.
Bo loves to wake board. We'll have to wait and see what Winston likes.
This was our last trip together before Zack and Bo left. My three boys - oh how I do love them. Just looking at this picture tugs at my heart strings. Our time together is fleeting - gone before you know it. I've learned not to rush through things but instead to sit back and savor the experience while it lasts. Winston was so little when they left. They won't recognize him when they get home but that's OK. They'll have a blast getting reacquainted.

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Lauri's Photography said...

Oh, I miss those boys too. I love reminiscing.