Winston Churchill

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Very Sick

Winston has been sick off and on since just before Christmas. He came down with the Croup two days before Christmas. Next he came down with a bad cold right before New Years. Then he came down with pneumonia a few weeks after that. He's had a hard month. The pneumonia was brought on by RSV and his lungs got so bad he ended up in the hospital on oxygen and receiving some pretty strong antibiotics. He absolutely hated the hospital and made sure that all of the nurses and doctors knew exactly how he felt about being there. Boy, if looks could kill . . . Let's just say he was very, very happy to get to come home to recuperate. That is one benefit from all of our hospital experiences. His doctor allowed us to take him home because we are "medically savvy" enough to be able to monitor him. He had to come home on oxygen and we checked his progress over the next week. He's doing well now and is completely off of the oxygen. Hopefully this will be our last trip to the hospital for quite a while.
Convalescing at home.
He loved laying on his pillow and watching either Scooby Doo or Blue's Clues.
The oxygen monitor we had to use to check his oxygen levels.
His oxygen machine and tanks.

Lots and Lots of Snow

We've had quite a few snow storms this month and the snow has piled pretty high. Winston was finally healthy enough to "help" his dad shovel the snow last Sunday. He was so proud to have his own shovel and loved helping his dad. He even got to go for a ride on our neighbors tractor who was out helping everyone get their driveways plowed out.
So proud and happy with his snow shovel.
Watching the tractor at work.

Answering "Yes!" to the question "Do you want to go for a ride?"
Getting in the tractor.

All done now. Heading inside to put his shovel away. He's such a wonderful little boy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Houseboat Fire

On December 18, we lost our houseboat in a fire down at Halls Crossing, Lake Powell. The investigation is still ongoing so we don't know what caused the fire yet. One of the other owners in our houseboat group started a blog to post all of the information and pictures he could find about the fire. Here's the link to this blog We've only owned our share in our boat for two years but enjoyed some really good family trips on this boat. The boys were saddened by the news. We didn't realize that our last trip down to Lake Powell with them before they left on their missions would be our last trip on that boat.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, another year has come and gone. We have had so much happen this past year. It's been one of the most eventful ones our family has had. Listing a few of the highlights: We've had several trips to the hospital and to specialists for Winston - his health has stablized and he's doing great now. Zack and Bo are gone on their missions - the preparation involved to send two missionaries was quite exhausting. We had three trips to Lake Powell - fewer than we've taken in years past but good trips none the less. Just before Christmas, we lost our houseboat in an unexplained fire at the dock at Halls Crossing.

2009 is going to be quite a different year for us. Brad and I are adjusting to only having our little guy at home. Zack is now in Japan and Bo will be leaving for Germany shortly. I'm looking forward to hearing about their adventures in these countries. Winston is growning by leaps and bounds and is so smart (I'm sure all moms say that about their children, but he really is!) Our friends and family have been so supportive and helpful throughout the year. I don't think I could have accomplished all that I did without their help and prayers. We really have been blessed and I'm looking forward to what this new year has to offer.