Winston Churchill

Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Very Sick

Winston has been sick off and on since just before Christmas. He came down with the Croup two days before Christmas. Next he came down with a bad cold right before New Years. Then he came down with pneumonia a few weeks after that. He's had a hard month. The pneumonia was brought on by RSV and his lungs got so bad he ended up in the hospital on oxygen and receiving some pretty strong antibiotics. He absolutely hated the hospital and made sure that all of the nurses and doctors knew exactly how he felt about being there. Boy, if looks could kill . . . Let's just say he was very, very happy to get to come home to recuperate. That is one benefit from all of our hospital experiences. His doctor allowed us to take him home because we are "medically savvy" enough to be able to monitor him. He had to come home on oxygen and we checked his progress over the next week. He's doing well now and is completely off of the oxygen. Hopefully this will be our last trip to the hospital for quite a while.
Convalescing at home.
He loved laying on his pillow and watching either Scooby Doo or Blue's Clues.
The oxygen monitor we had to use to check his oxygen levels.
His oxygen machine and tanks.


Lauri's Photography said...

I'm looking forward to coming over tomorrow! I've missed you, and it will be so fun to see our boys playing together.

Bridget said...

Those pics are so sad! Poor little guy! You've had such a tough month Holly. I hope things are better from here on out for you guys. Boston still prays for Winston each night, and we will continue to as well.

Amy Jensen said...

Poor little guy. Glad to hear he is doing better though. Hang in there!

Julie Baker said...

I am glad to hear Winston is doing better. Hang in there and our prayers and thoughts are with you guys!!