Winston Churchill

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Being a Mom

I love being a mom. When I had Zack and Bo, I was so young. I loved my new role and was impatient to see what came next. I couldn't wait until they could crawl, walk, talk, go to school, etc... As a young mom, I relished being the "super mom" - being able to juggle so many things and packing as much as I could into every day. I missed out on so many of the little things. Just sitting together - sharing time together one on one. This time around with Winston, I have a different perspective. I realize now how quickly children grow up. I still can't believe that Zack and Bo are grown and gone. They have become wonderful young men and I'm so proud of them but at the same time, I miss the little boys they used to be. Winston's antics bring back so many memories of Zack and Bo when they were young. I find myself feeling rather nostalgic several times a week. I know now that time is precious and should be savored not rushed. I relish the time I get to have with Winston and only wish that I could spend more with him. He's my little buddy and has been such a blessing in my life. When I found out I was pregnant with Winston, I couldn't help but wonder what Heavenly Father was thinking. I was too old to start over and Zack and Bo were almost grown. Now I understand that He knew exactly what I needed - what our family needed. Winston has truly blessed all of our lives and continues to do so every day. Having him around reminds me of what is really important. There aren't words to express the gratitude I feel to and for my children. I really do love being a mom.