Winston Churchill

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year Begins

Wow, we're at the end of yet another year - my how they pass so quickly.  Time really does fly by faster each year.  I hear Winston complain about how long it's taking for him to grow up - he can hardly wait until he's old enough to have his own pocket knife and bb gun. I remember feeling this way as a child - that time was crawling by.

As a grownup, I'm so surprised by how quickly the weeks and months fly by.  It seems that Winston was born just last year and not more than 5 years ago already.  I worry about missing his growing up, which despite his complaints is happening at a rapid rate.  There's a lot to be said for seizing the moment and stopping to smell the flowers - don't wait until you're less busy - time doesn't wait for you and you'll miss all those special moments.

I welcome this new year and look forward to all it will bring.  I hope there will be more good kind of experiences than difficult ones, but will take all that is to come.  I'll try my best to learn and grow and cherish each day.  Happy New Year!

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