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Monday, January 24, 2011

Look Mom, Sharks, Turtles and Jelly Fish!

Last week we took Winston to the aquarium and he LOVED it.  He was fascinated with the sea horses, crabs, jelly fish, manta rays, turtles and piranhas but really couldn't wait to see the sharks and penguins.  He was practically running from tank to tank trying to see everything.  We had so much fun watching him and seeing the magic and  wonder on his sweet little face.    

One thing he loved is they had jelly fish just like the ones in Sponge Bob and a pink star fish that looked a lot like Patrick Star.  He's still talking about that.  : )

I forgot to bring my camera but fortunately Brad's phone has one.  These pics turned out pretty good for being taken with a cell phone camera.  Winston was watching a striped eel in this photo.
Here he is watching the sharks! "Mommy, do they eat people?"
In this one, he's pointing up at the giant sea turtle.  The guide there told us this turtle had bubble butt syndrome - air trapped under his shell making it hard for him to dive.  Of course, Winston thought this was hilarious - "bubble but syndrome, he he he!"
(I think I might have some sort of bubble butt syndrome too.)
Here he is standing next to a life size picture of a full grown emperor penguin.  I had no idea they could grow so big!
We had such a great time together and learned a few things too.  Next time I think we'll sign up to feed the penguins.

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Bridget said...

Hahahah! I love hearing the things he says... about sharks eating people and bubble butt syndrom. Hahahaha! It does sound funny. And I am quite positive you don't have it. :)