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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Snowman

When we woke up to snow this past Saturday, I decided to make the most of it and asked Winston if he wanted to make a snowman.  Winston jumped at the chance so we got our snow clothes on and headed out.
He started out bombarding me with snowballs and laughing hysterically about it.  Then we got to work.  He packed snow into his wagon while I rolled the snowball parts for our snowman. 
Look at the big smile in this picture - isn't he adorable?
Here's Winston and Snowy, the snowman.  He was so proud of our accomplishment and we had lots of fun playing in the late spring snow. 
Watch out for the snowball!  :)
The snow was really wet - on the verge of melting - and our snowman started to lean shortly after we'd finished making him.  Winston and I tried to straighten him a little and we ended up losing the top half. 
Winston wasn't happy about that so we decided to rebuild.  He wanted to give Snowy II a funny face so he put the eye pieces in crooked.
I couldn't get Winston to give me one last smile before heading in - he was starting to get cold and lose interest (and so was I.)  I think this will be the last big snow storm and our last time making snowmen this season (hopefully!)

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Britt said...

All the best snowmen are spring snowmen :). Hitting Mom with snowballs gets lots of giggles at our house too. You're awesome!