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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Place to Visit

Here's another place I'd like to visit.  I've always wanted to see the Redwood forest and Sequoia National Park.  I'm sure pictures don't do justice to these marvelous trees, how could they?  These trees must be magnificent in person.  I love the cinnamon color of their bark.
Here's a little trivia: Many of the redwoods are 300+ feet tall. The redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. They're also several thousand years old.  
Check out how huge this tree is.  More Trivia:  The General Sherman Sequoia Tree, while neither the tallest nor the widest tree, is considered the largest living tree in the world because of its volume.  It weights approximately 2.7 million pounds and is believed to be around 2,100 years old.  Its height is 274.9 feet and its circumference at ground level is 102.6 feet.  Isn't that amazing?   Here's a few more pictures of these massive and elegant trees.

Look how beautiful these trees are in the snow?  Here's my last bit of trivia:  Measuring 267.4 feet tall and 107.6 feet around, The General Grant is the earth's third-largest tree.  It's called "The Nation's Christmas Tree," and special Yuletide celebrations are held under its snow-laden branches every year.  

I'd love to attend a Christmas party among these magnificent trees.  It'd give new meaning to the carol "O Christmas Tree."  One of these days we'll go for a visit...


Lauri's Photography said...

That is a good one.

tmac said...

great pics of the tall trees in winter. We live in the mountains of No. Calif,and one of my favorite sounds is the SILENCE in the middle of a snow covered tall tree forest.

Mtn Doc

Bridget said...

That would be really neat to see in the winter! We went there in the summer once upon a time, and it was amazing. It felt like a fantasy world. It kind of makes me want to live by a forest...