Winston Churchill

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goldie the Goldfish

 Winston has a pet goldfish.  He acquired this little fish at his cousin Saren's wedding reception back on March 26.  He promptly named him Goldie. 

We stopped on the way home and bought a fish bowl and some goldfish food thinking this poor fish wouldn't last a week.  Winston was so thrilled to have his own fish.  I had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't terrorize the poor fish too much with his love and enthusiasm.  

I'm actually quite surprised this fish has lasted a whole month.  Whenever Zack and Bo got a goldfish, it usually only lasted for a week or two before biting the dust - so to speak.  I thought this fish would only stay alive long enough for Winston's interest to disolve and then it would go belly up.  This fish seems to be thriving.  He (or maybe it's a she) is quite lively and I think has even grown some. Winston's interest has definitely faded but Goldie looks like he'll be around for a while. 

Here's a few pics of Winston with Goldie the Goldfish. 


Susan said...

Those are great pictures! When Hope was that age she had a fish and named him Splash! Now Bailey has a Beta fish named Fishy-fish...not too creative in the naming department! He's also lasted a lot longer than I imagined, its been about a year now!

Snick's Voice said...

He's so cute with his little fish!!
After seeing the movie "What About Bob" Linda and I felt my dad needed a gold fish named Gil like in the her and I it was HILARIOUS not so much to my dad. I think we took "belly up Gil" back to the pet store to trade for ANOTHER "live one" 7 times before we gave up.
Your cousin Bob just smiled, sighed and rolled his eyes at the two of us being excited about "his" fish. LOL