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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Years

I find it hard to believe it's been two years since I lost my father.  It still feels like his passing happened only a few months ago, yet at the same time it seems like forever since I last saw him.  I miss my father - I'm sure I always will.  I do take comfort in knowing there will come a day when we'll be reunited.  How wonderful to have this hope.  Until then, I have many wonderful memories to think back on and I'll always be grateful for being blessed with such a wonderful father.  I love you Dad
I put together a list on our family blog of all the posts various family members have written about my dad.  It's comforting (even though it's a little hard at the same time) to look back at our thoughts and feelings during the past two years.  Here's a link to this post for anyone who would like to reminisce about Dad.


Lauri's Photography said...

My thoughts were about him too. I'm glad the sting of pain isn't so sharp. It's more of a prick that I can live with. Except I don't like the thought that most of my life will be without him. He is most surely missed.

Bridget said...

I think about Grandpa almost every day... wondering what he is doing on the other side and how often he gets to make visits here. And though I miss him, my heart aches mostly for Grandma now. I cant imagine being away from half of your heart.