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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Grateful Heart

I didn't want to let the month of November go by without expressing my gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in my life.  For the past year, I've tried to focus on "Finding Joy in the Journey" and being grateful for all that I have.  It hasn't always been easy.  Why is it such a simple thing to fall into a mode of self pity and wanting things that are out of reach?  All that does is bring sadness, disappointment and heartache.  When I focus on the many wonderful things in my life, I'm overwhelmed by how blessed I truly am.  Not only do I feel satisfied with what I have, but also I'm filled with such a deep sense of gratitude I can't help but feel and be happy.  So here goes with a few of the things I'm grateful for - really my list could go on and on and on...

I'm so very grateful for my family - my three wonderful sons and terrific husband.  I'm so grateful my sons have returned home safely - that they've had these wonderful opportunities to serve missions, to teach and help others and by doing so have learned so much about their own capabilities.  I'm so grateful for how our lives have been blessed by their missions - both spiritually and financially.  I'm grateful for their example - to Winston and to me.

I'm so grateful for Winston's health.  The surgery he had last year has made a HUGE difference in his health and strength and I know he's been blessed and watched over these past four years.  He is a miracle and I can't help but be amazed at how far he's come since the day of his birth.  Knowing how much Heavenly Father has blessed this little guy fills my heart with so many emotions - it's hard to express the depth of gratitude I feel.  I'm also so very grateful for Winston.  He's brought so much joy to our family and to my life as his mother.  My father told me he would keep me young and as usual, my father was right - even though Winston can be exhausting at times, his energy and enthusiastic wonder add a sense of magic to the mundane and remind me how special the simple things in life really are.

I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband - for his support, his strength, his kindness and his friendship.  He really is my best friend.  He knows all about me and still loves me inspite of my flaws.  From the day we met I've felt a connection with him - I think we're kindred spirits.  I feel so lucky and so blessed to be able to share my life with this incredible man.  Just the sound of his voice brings a smile to my face and warms my heart.  I couldn't do all I have to do without his help and love. 

My life is so blessed and enriched by my wonderful family and friends - your offers to help, your listening ears, your hugs and "I love you's."  I want to thank each of you for these special blessings - your love, your help, your friendship and for all that you add to my life.  I truly am grateful for each of you.  When I think of all I've been blessed with, my heart overflows with gratitude and I feel such a sense of peace and happiness.  Thank you.

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