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Friday, August 20, 2010

Books - Oldies but Goodies

The other day while putting some stuff away in our storage room I noticed a box of Zack and Bo's old children books mostly hidden by other storage boxes.  I pulled it out and thumbed through the contents to see if Winston might be interested in any of the boys old favorites.  I found a couple of  Bo's books - old classics - I thought he'd like.  Bo simply loved these books when he was little.  I brought them upstairs and we read them for bedtime that night.  Of course Winston loved them too and he really loved the fact that they were old favorites of his beloved brothers. 

The first book - "There's an Alligator Under My Bed" we had to read 5 or 6 times (I finally had to say enough).  This short story fascinates him and we've had to read it several times each night ever since.  I can't help but smile as we get to the end of the story and he's already saying, "Again Mom, again!"  Zack and Bo used to do the same thing.  I've always enjoyed reading time with my boys and I'm so glad that they all love to read as much as I do.
I love the illustrations too.
Here's the other new favorite:
We only read a few pages at a time from this book because it's quite long - 76 pages full of fun pictures and lots and lots of words.  Winston's captivated by all the details.  He'll sit still for several minutes studying the pages and then ask all kinds of questions about the pictures. 

A precious find for me - Bo signed his name in these books.  He was just learning to write at the time and looking at his name scrawled by his child's hand brings back all kinds of fond memories from when he and Zack were little boys.  At the same time, I can't help but think of all I have to look forward to with Winston.  I just love books (and my boys) - both old and new!


Susan said...

Have you read Jamberry with him? Or The Napping House? Those were a couple of my girls favs.

Britt said...

I LOVE "There's An Alligator Under My Bed" !