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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

My sister moved to New Mexico yesterday and I miss her already. We haven't always been as close as I'd like over the years, but the last 5 or 6 years have brought us together and she is one of my best friends. I love that we are raising young boys together - something I didn't think we'd be able to do.

Thinking about my sister, brings to mind a song by Reba McEntire that I love - and always reminds me of my sisters when I hear it - called My Sister, My Friend. One of the verses goes like this:

I was thinking just today
About how we used to play
Barbie dolls and make-up
Tea parties, dress up
I remember how we'd fight
We made up and laughed all night
Wish we were kids again
My sister, my friend

Some of the best times of our childhood together were playing barbie dolls, dressing up in my mother's old dresses, dancing around the front room to my parents old 50's music, hours and hours spent swimming, sleeping out in our back yard under the stars and playing hide and seek - our favorite game. We also had our fights over clothes, toys, TV programs and having to share a room. We had so much fun together growing up - the three of us girls.

Lauri, you are so loved and will be missed dearly. Everything will work out though and you'll be back in Utah before we realize the time has passed. Enjoy the ride and in the mean time, know that you are always in my heart - My Sister, My Friend!

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Lauri's Photography said...

Oh my goodness, I finally have internet and this is what I read, you're making me cry!!!!! I love you so much! You were my sister on a pedestal- what ever Holly did I wanted to do, or look like, or be like. Those nights sleeping out in the yard are fun memories. Getting sprayed with stinky OFF before going out. Waking up with the cat on us. Feeling groggy dragging our bedding back in.
Its sure been an adventure so far. Lets see- backed up toilet into the shower, dishwasher doesn't work, ants in the bathroom and Jack "helping" me unpack. But these are all problems we can solve.
We take breaks every day and go play in the back yard. Jack LOVES his lawn mower! Thank you!!
We really have a nice place to stay and I'm so grateful. It has so much cupboard space, just have to decide where everything goes. That's overwhelming but I'll figure it out. And I think my kitchen is bigger than what I had before. My mother in law has been feeding us every night and that's been a huge help. At least the stove works. I did make one meal last week.
I finished the Austenland book and now I'm reading Wicked. I've never read so much in my life! ha ha.
Oh, and the travel bag you gave us was perfect! really- the lotion, the treats, the hand sanitizer. thank you!
As you can see I've had so much to tell you! Should have called.
Sure love you and I'm glad Winston is doing so well! Give him kisses from Jack and Aunt Lauri.