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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Recovering Very Quickly

Part of his recovery was getting him up and walking around. The day after his surgery (Thursday), he could only go for about a dozen steps before he needed to lay back down again. The next day (Friday) he was feeling a little better and so that morning we went out onto the patient patio to blow bubbles - very good to clear the congestion out of the lungs the nurses said. He rode out to the patio in one of their wagons.
He even got out and walked around for about ten minutes before he needed to go lay back down.
After his nap, he was feeling restless and wanted to get up. They had a little trike out in the hall and he rode it up and down the halls for about 45 minutes. I was just amazed at the quick progress he had made from the day before - even just from that morning. His pain level seemed to be quickly going down and his energy was increasing. All those prayer were sure working!
Here he is riding down the hall with his dad.

Happy to be out and about and not stuck in his hospital bed.
Enjoying his breakfast on Saturday morning just before going home.
Leaving the hospital in style in one of their wagons.
I really didn't think we'd be going home until Sunday afternoon and we were out of there Saturday morning. When we got home, he was running around and playing with his toys before taking a short nap. He ate pizza (his favorite meal), brought over by a dear friend and finally had a good nights sleep. Thank you again to everyone for all of their prayers on his behalf. The quick progress of his recovery is amazing and only proves that prayers really do work.


Our Family said...

Holly, Thanks so much for taking pictures for us to see of Winston's sunshine smile! It makes us feel that we shared this with you. I also didn't know exactly what had happened to Winston - you really informed us, and we wish nothing but the very best for this special little guy!
Love, Maurine

Lauri's Photography said...

I'd have to say the photo of him riding the trike in his gown is my favorite!
See you soon!

Britt said...

I'm so glad things are going well! Those are some really cute pictures, poor little guy! He's so sweet. Love Britt