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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where Oh Where Did April Go?

April has flown by for me - it's been a crazy busy month at the Shafer household.  My mom had knee replacement surgery on both of her knees in the middle of March and I've been helping her in the evenings after work.  Brad has been out of town several times on work trips and Winston's T-ball games started up.  Plus, I've been getting up in the mornings to train for my upcoming half marathon on June 9 and to top it off, work has picked up dramatically so I've been working a lot more hours this month. 

My mom is doing well - she's actually ahead of schedule in her recovery.  I'm doing pretty good on my training too - not as far along as I hoped I'd be but I'll be ready in time for the race.  Unfortunately, my house is a mess right now and I'm way behind on getting much Spring cleaning done but there's only so many hours in a day, something has to give.

I'm hoping May will be a much less hectic month.  When life runs at such a crazy pace like April has done, it doesn't leave much time to relax and enjoy the journey.  One nice thing about this past April is that the weather has been great so I've been able to get outside for many runs and I've really enjoyed the spectacular Spring flowers.  The world is a beautiful place in the Spring. 

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Bridget said...

That pink tree is gorgeous! Did you take that pic?
Lauri says that you have just been awesome to Grandma! I feel bad that we weren't able to help her more, but I didn't want her to catch anything Boston's had on top of her knee replacement. :(
I hope May slows down a bit for you guys, and I'm so excited for your half marathon! You are amazing! You'll have to help motivate me to get my butt in gear again...