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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taking Zack to the MTC

Zack left to the MTC on October 8. I've had a lot of people ask me how we're doing and how it went. Zack has been waiting for this day for just over 4 months and was more than ready to get started. He's going to be a great missionary, but we will miss him so much while he's gone. It's hard to express what I'm feeling. One minute I'm so proud of him and happy that he'll get to have such a great experience and the next I'm so sad that my little boy is all grown up and gone off to start his own life. He'll never be my little boy again and our home already feels different - like something is missing - without him. I'm sad that our relationship will now be forever changed but at the same time I look forward to getting to know the man that he is becoming. My advice to everyone is to cherish each day you have with your children. They really do grow up so fast. Don't wait for tomorrow to spend time with them; make the time now and don't let yourself get so busy with all the mundane day to day things in life that you miss out on what life is really about - our families. Good Luck Zack and Thank You for all the great memories!


Lauri's Photography said...

Oh you make me cry.

I love you sis!!!

Amy Jensen said...

Thanks for the advice. It is hard to believe when they are four years old that they could ever grow up to be 19 and going on a mission. I am sure I will feel the same way you do with Easton so until then I will love and cherish every second with him. Well of course little Grace girl too!!