Winston Churchill

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beating the Odds

I've been so crazy busy at work this past month, I've hardly had time for anything else let alone blogging but I wanted to get this post in before the month was over. (Whew - just made it!)  Winston turned 4 earlier this month and I can't help but look at how far he's come. 

Before he was born, the odds were so heavily against him that I didn't dare feel excited about his future and my future with him.  After he was born it seemed like every time I'd start to think it was all going to be OK he'd have a set back and I'd worry all over again about all of the what ifs and remember what the doctors had said about babies born with the defect he had. 

Through it all I've tried to have faith and I've clung to a blessing given to me by a dear friend in which I was promised that even though Winston would have a rough start he would go on to live a healthy, full and rich life.  Looking at him now, you would never know how rough a start he had.  He really has beaten the odds and is such a blessing in our lives - not to mention living proof that miracles do still happen. 

Happy Birthday to my wonderful little buddy.  You've brought so much joy to my heart.   


Bridget said...

Every time I see him I forget that he even had so much difficulty these first years of his life. He has so much spunk you'd never guess! Love this kid!

Lauri's Photography said...

Tears and happiness. I love you!