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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't Wait for SUMMER!

So, as soon as I posted that I'm back and going to try and resume a normal routine, I get sick. I mean really sick. I've had pneumonia and strep throat together - at the same time. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I was too sick to even sit at the computer. I've been on antibiotics since last Monday and am finally feeling mostly better. The doctor said that the exhaustion that I feel should last for approximately 2 weeks so I only have about one more week to go before I finally start feeling back to normal again. Hopefully. Anyway, that leads me to the title of this post. I can't wait for warm weather. The first day of Spring has come and gone and we still have snow and cold. I'm convinced that warm weather will bring good things to my life - especially good health. I love warm weather activities: boating, early morning runs, playing at the park and hikes up the canyon to name a few. I'll be glad to put all of this sickness behind me and get back to enjoying life. THINK SUMMER!


Bridget said...

Holly, I'm so sorry. :(
We will continue to pray for you guys... wish there was something more we could do.
That castle is sweet! They are going to have some really neat pics, aren't they?

Our Family said...

Hello Holly!
I just love your blog and enjoy hearing the updates on Bo and Zack! Hope you are feeling a lot better - I will pray for warm weather for ya!
Love, Maurine